Terms and Conditions

Platform: Majal website.

Customer: Real or virtual platform user.

Profile: Service displaying customer information on a dedicated page on the platform.


This platform is operated under the company: IEHASA, registered under the number 304715878 on 05/03/2024.

General Policies

  1. The platform is not responsible for any misuse or negligence that results in the customer's loss, inability to access, use, or benefit from the product or service provided through/by/on the platform.
  2. By visiting, browsing, or using the platform, the customer acknowledges and agrees to all the terms and conditions mentioned on this page.
  3. The customer is fully responsible for all activities carried out through their account.
  4. Majal services are exclusively provided through the platform, and the customer is not entitled to request the transfer, conversion, or replacement of the service.
  5. Majal products are exclusively provided through official Partners. (Click here to see the Partners) The platform is not responsible for any physical or moral damages resulting from misunderstanding, intentional or unintentional error committed by any of the Partners.


  1. Specific information is displayed on the profile page, and the customer can add, delete, and modify their personal information through the methods provided by the platform.
  2. The customer is committed to providing all the necessary information to benefit from the platform's services.
  3. If the customer fails or is unable to provide the necessary information to benefit from the platform's services, the platform will be unable to provide the service.
  4. In case the customer fails to comply with the platform's terms and conditions, the platform has the full right to ban, block, or restrict the customer's access to the platform, either partially or completely.
  5. The platform has the right to suspend, remove, or change the services and Plans provided on the platform without prior notice.
  6. Fees and costs for using the services provided through monthly subscription Plans are calculated every 28-31 days.
  7. The service for monthly subscription Plans will be automatically suspended after the customer's subscription has been overdue for 31 days since the last paid fee for the subscription.
  8. The customer agrees to their subscription to a monthly Plans by accepting all the payment policies of the platform and the payment gateway used.
  9. The customer has the right to cancel their subscription to the monthly Plans at any time through the methods provided by the platform, with no additional fees incurred.
  10. If service fees are deducted from the customer without authorization (i.e., after canceling the subscription or when there is no active subscription), the customer has the right to claim a refund of the paid fees through the dedicated support channels within a period not exceeding 7 days from the deduction date.
  11. The platform has the right to remove, change, or restrict access to the services and features provided free of charge on the platform, and the customer is not entitled to any compensation for losing access to the services or free features provided.
  12. The longest subscription duration on the platform is 365 days only, and the platform reserves the right to terminate any subscription upon exceeding this period.