Privacy Policy


  1. We collect user activity information on the platform for the purpose of improving the user experience and retargeting.
  2. We do not share personal information of customers with any third party.
  3. All information displayed on the customer's profile page is publicly accessible online, and the customer is fully responsible for maintaining their personal information.
  4. In the event of a valid legal claim for customer information, the customer will be notified of the claim and the information shared.
  5. By registering on the platform, you agree to receive all notifications and promotional messages provided by the platform.

Services & Third Party

  1. When using any platform service that requires granting permission/access to information from another entity/service or through a third party, you agree to grant and use the information according to the terms and conditions of the providing entity.
  2. The use of the platform and the transfer of information through Google APIs is subject to Google's API Services User Data Policy including the Limited Use requirements.
  3. Information that the customer allowed the platform to access through granting permission/access from another entity/service or a third party is used to provide the following services on the platform: login/Signup - Display Analytics - fill in information (Email, Display Name, Avatar).
  4. The customer can revoke access authorization to information received from a third party through the platform at any time, That Includes removing all information related to that third party.
  5. We do not share any information received through a third party or require the customer to grant access authorization to any other party.